Liwewe – a True Patriot

FOR fallen soccer commentator Dennis Liwewe to have stated that he put national interest ahead of personal interest, he was a true patriot.

In that statement, lay his commitment to ‘die a little for mother Zambia’ whenever he was required to carry out national duties.

His, was a commitment of always thinking of what he would do for mother Zambia and not necessarily what he would benefit from carrying out national duties.

Such is the man Zambia put to rest yesterday.

We join the many Zambians home and in the diaspora who felt a huge loss at the demise of such a legendary soccer analyst.

We put to rest such a man at a time when some Zambians are preoccupied with what benefits they would gain from their service rendered to the nation.

Like other fallen Zambian heroes and heroines whose legacy would be difficult to replicate, Dennis Liwewe’s loss is yet another end of an era.

Much as he dedicated his life to national duties, Liwewe was a committed husband and loving father, this evidenced by his influence over his children’s careers and commitment to his widow Sylvia.

In the words of his widow, Liwewe was a truthful and trustworthy husband who had a great sense of humor and never abandoned his family even under tight national commitment.

This was the man who through his outstanding commentary in Zambia and beyond enabled citizens to actively ‘watch football match with ears’ on radio.

Liwewe understood his role so well that he remained non-partisan, restricting his functions to sport and unifying Zambians.

We remember his voice which uplifted Zambian soccer lovers as he screamed, ‘It’s a goal!’ whenever Zambia soccer team triumphed.

We remember him when he appeared on television to eulogise the perished KK 11, the Zambia national soccer squad.

We also remember him when he calmed Zambian soccer lovers who could have violently protested against unfavourable treatment from rival soccer teams.

May his soul rest in peace!

Source : The Times of Zambia

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