Letter – Sata’s Bogus 90 Days Promises [opinion]

With all due respect I write this open letter to you to remind you of the many promises you and your government made to the majority of Zambians especially the youths prior to the 2016 General elections,

While in opposition you criticized the then President of Zambia Mr Rupiah B Banda, you pressured him to improve on the way he is governing the country, and you spoke for many people who were voiceless, you campaigned to change the livelihoods of the Zambian people and promised to be a better president than Rupiah Banda, among the many promises you made were to reduce taxes, create jobs, low prices of fuel, Mealie meal or rather a low cost of living and also promised to improve the economy of the country, but it has come to my attention as a youth that today, 2 years, 6 months since you became President nothing much has changed, you have not lived upto your promises.

Let me remind you sir that Mealie meal prices were around 36 to 40 thousand kwacha old money and 36 to 40 kwacha new money in the time of Rupiah Banda, Fuel prices ranged between 5 and 8 kwacha, and the cost of living during Rupiah Banda’s time was better than what we see in your administration today, Rupiah Banda got approximately K168,000 annually as his salary and you have increased your salary more than twice since you assumed office to approximately K350,000 annually.

Basically you have proven to us that you are not the Michael Sata we knew before September 23, 2011, as you have basically done the opposite of what you promised the people of Zambia, and also your government has seen it fit to call piece works which you create through road projects as Jobs which you have also seen fit to include in your statistics of job employment, you don’t allow any opposition leader to assemble or meet any of the officials because of reasons best know to yourself.

The people of Zambia have also began to see that your government has nothing more but lies to give to the people of Zambia and we have seen this through the loss of by elections and defections of people to the opposition, all you have done since 2011 is hire and fire people in your government, employ relatives and old men and women to save in the government, you promised to change Zambia in 90 days change of which we have not seen, The constitution you promised to deliver within 90 days has now become hard to deliver as you have even instructed your officials to ignore anyone who speaks or asks about the constitution.

Furthermore, I would like to thank you for firing corrupt Chongwe Member of parliament Silvia Masebo, and would like to aise you to get back to the drawing board and look at the promises you made to the people of Zambia and deliver to them. Take time also to watch some video clips of how you used to campaign and criticize the MMD government and maybe you will remember as you may have forgotten, only God knows what kind of campaign language you will use in 2016 as there is nothing you have done to show the people of Zambia to vote for you again in 2016.

In conclusion, I would love to ask the almighty God to Guide and protect you so you would complete your 5 year term in good health and spirit and also go to the polls in 2016 and live beyond 2016 and see how Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND will beat you and also live beyond 2016 so you see what kind of a leader Hakainde Hichilema will be to the Zambian people and show you what governing a country must be like, with all due respect to you your excellency I wish you well and God bless you.

Your sincerely

Chanda John Chimba

UPND Youth Coordinator…

Source : Zambia Reports

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