Lazy Civil Servants Irk Chief Nalubamba

Chief Nalubamba of the Ila-speaking people in Namwala District has complained about the poor work culture of some civil servants.

Chief Nalubamba said some civil servants were not being proactive in monitoring various developmental projects in rural areas, thereby delaying Government’s timely implementation of the national growth plan.

He cited construction of Kabanga Clinic in his chiefdom, which had stalled for many years for unknown reasons, and accused Ministry of Health staff in Namwala of not following up to ensure that the project was completed.

“I am saddened that some civil servants in Namwala are not moving out to inspect various Government projects in our remote areas.

“As civil servants, you need to inspect projects in villages such as the Kabanga Clinic project which has become a white elephant for unknown reasons,” he said.

The chief was speaking at Chitongo Rural Health Centre in Namwala at the weekend during commemoration of this year’s World Malaria Day under the theme “Invest in the Future: Defeat Malaria”.

Chief Nalubamba said civil servants needed to work diligently to ensure that Government projects were timely accomplished.

He said President Michael Sata was a committed leader who required collective support from all the people of Zambia in fostering national development.

He said civil servants were key in ensuring that projects were successfully completed to benefit citizens and subsequently improve their welfare.

Chief Nalubamba urged more than 10 headmen who attended the World Malaria Day event to be practical and ensure people in their areas were receiving substantial development.

Namwala District Commissioner Gavia Nsanzya said he would follow up on the matter to find out why the construction of Kabanga Clinic had stalled when Government was in a hurry and committed to providing quality health services to people.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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