Kasama PF Rise Up Against Sampa

Kasama-based Patriotic Front (PF) members opposed to Kelvin Sampa have said they will not allow the former Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) stalwart to be adopted as parliamentary candidate for the Kasama Central in case of a by-election.

The ruling party members have said Sampa was a known g MMD supporter and he was allegedly using ill-gotten wealth to hoodwink the party to adopt him in case of a by-election that could occur after the possible expulsion of incumbent PF Kasama central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

One of the Kasama PF members Changwe Mwewa said Sampa, who had been making lavish donations in Kasama to attract voters and adoption under the PF ticket, was not a “bona fide member” of the ruling party.

“Sampa is wasting his time and money on whatever he is doing. We are aware that he doesn’t have that kind of wealth. He has made numerous donations to different institutions and he is bribing individuals within the party to get their support. We are aware of his moves. He cannot fool us to look like a committed member of the party. We know what he wants to achieve. He has suddenly become a concerned citizen of Kasama,” he said.

During the week, PF factions belonging to Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) and those from Kelvin Sampa’s side openly clashed in the Kasama central trading district, bringing business to a stand still for a long time before the police moved in to restore peace and order. Some individuals were arrested and have been charged with the offence of conduct likely to caused the breach of the peace.

The clashes were instigated by Sampa’s group that went to provoke the counterparts from the GBM camp. The agitators were driving in vehicles branded with Sampa’s names and slogans.

Sampa has assigned a fleet of cars engraved with his name and the slogan “Together We Make Kasama Better” to carry out his charity work.

Mwewa said Kelvin had gone to cause confusion among the ruling party members and this was typical of Sampa, whom he also accused of having fanned trouble in the MMD.

“Kelvin Sampa is among the people who caused so much trouble in the MMD. He insulted the PF with such passion and we have not forgotten. He has managed to clean himself and here he is in Kasama claiming to be a child of the soil and committed to the development of the area, but we shall see how long his moves will last,” he said.

But Sampa said misguided people were scandlising his generosity he was lavishing in Kasama, adding that a few disgruntled people wanted to tarnish his good name.

He said some PF members were spreading insinuations linking his social and charity work in Kasama to political aspirations.

“This is not the first place where I am making donations. I have been everywhere. I have made a lot donation programmes and worked with many communities across Zambia. It is unbelievable that it has now become an issue when I make donations in Kasama, my own home because I grew up here and I want to just work with my people. There is nothing peculiar about what I am doing, so let those people not have sleepless nights over my activities,” he said.

Sampa said he had carried out similar charity programmes in Eastern and Southern provinces and he does not see an end to his activities, although he was reluctant to state the source of the resources he was lavishing on the people.

Kelvin Sampa has largely been associated with politics, but he has recently changed his portfolio and he refers to himself as a child rights activist.

Source : Zambia Reports

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