Kabimba’s Call Timely

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s concern in Kabwe and Choma recently that the PF leadership should strive to grow the party and be in close unison with the grass root is very timely and should be treated as an emergency.

He is correct to say that the majority poor should start feeling the sense of belonging to the party.

The PF leadership as in wards, constituencies, and districts should be seen on the ground to meet the general citizenry and help explain the Government’s position in regard to the welfare of the country.

There is need to start seeing leaders in the communities than just reading about them.

I, however, appeal to the secretary general since he is aware of some PF leaders’ shortcomings to vigorously go round the country and re-organise the party.

The PF has the ability to go a long way because the party has a visionary leader in the name of President Michael Sata whose desire is to move the majority to prosperity and self sustainability.

It is time to look at grassroots level and embrace them because if given a level playing field, elections are always worn through the majority who are the grassroot.

I salute you secretary general for that timely but resolute caution for we all know 2016 is just but around the corner.

Wisdom Muyunda


Source : The Times of Zambia

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