Kabimba Suspends Mangani

Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has suspended Lameck Mangani, leader of the PF’s Eastern Province Executive Committee, with immediate effect.

Mangani was appointed by President Michael Sata to run Eastern, but Kabimba has frozen him out saying he did not follow procedures.

Kabimba said Mangani’s appointment should have been ratified by the National Executive Committee.

According to quotes published by the Post, Kabimba spoke very harshly with regard to Mangani, accusing him of organising political violence: “We can’t allow drunken thugs to be running amok, this must come to an end. This lawlessness and attacking of innocent citizens should stop. Colleagues in the security wing, people are harassing citizens, you do nothing and continue wearing police uniform, why?”

The Mangani case reignites ghosts of the Robert Chikwelete verbal appointment by President Sata as Lusaka District PF chairman which was later reversed by the party on account that it had no solid basis.

Kabimba said Mangani was supposed to forward names of his committee to the NEC after President Sata appointed him.

The PF chief executive walked into a political landmine when he found a divided house in Eastern Province where rival cadres clashed at Protea Hotel in their quest for control in the party.

Kabimba is on a weeklong tour and laying the ground for imminent by-elections in the area.

Mangani’s political fortunes have been in free fall since joining the PF and even lost the Chipata Central by-election after he successfully petitioned the election of Mtolo Phiri.

Source : Zambia Reports

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