Kabimba Surrogates Preparing PF After Sata

Patriotic Front (PF) National Chairperson Inonge Wina has dismissed suggestions that the ruling party would crumble in the event President Michael Sata relinquished the leadership of the party.

Wina, who is also Gender Minister and Post Newspaper editor Fred M’membe’s auntie, says the ruling PF will remain g even after President Sata leaves office.

The widow of Arthur Wina is part of the team M’membe has assembled which includes Vice-President Guy Scott to prepare the minds of Zambians that President Sata won’t be ready for 2016 on account of health.

Meanwhile, Wina says the two years of the PF in government can be likened to an average marriage where for the first two years it is characterized by conflict as people get to know each other better, before settling down.

She says the two years of the ruling PF in power has been a kind of training process and that going forward the party will consolidate the ideas it stands for.

Wina adds that as far as she is concerned there are no more divisions in the ruling party, and that this is why as party national Chairperson she is not personally concerned about sentiments suggesting that there could be some deep divisions in the ruling PF.

Source : Zambia Reports

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