Kabimba Lied, Says Constitution Committee

The Technical Committee on drafting the constitution has broken its silence over half hearted denials by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and his Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba that they did not receive the draft constitution.

Former Technical Committee spokesperson Ernest Mwansa said whatever was being said about them not having surrendered the 10 copies to the Ministry of Justice were lies.

Mwansa said any further attempts to discredit the Technical Committee would be misplaced as they had done their best to seeing the logical conclusion to their work but had met a hostile appointing authority.

He said anybody wishing to ask or view the draft constitution should take it up with the Ministry of Justice where an order to the Technical Committee was crafted to have them handover the 10 copies and other supporting documents.

Mwansa said the Technical Committee could not force the President to receive the document as it was beyond them.

Kabimba and Akafumba has put through vain denials that they have not seen the draft constitution.

Source : Zambia Reports

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