Kabimba Determined to Eliminate HH

Minister of Justice and Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba is stepping up his efforts to ensure that Hakainde Hichilema is sidelined before the next election, says a source close to the government.

Kabimba’s increased panic over HH is related to the perceived rising popularity of the UPND leader. Over the weekend, HH was received well by the people of Chiengi when he attended a traditional ceremony, and other campaigning events have produced a boost in some internal polling numbers.

To address this issue, the source says, Kabimba and Post Newspaper editor Fred M’membe held a three-hour long meeting at Kabimba’s personal residence on Independence Avenue in Lusaka on Monday night. It was decided that Kabimba would instruct Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampongo to fix HH – possibly by planting illegal drugs in his home, or other “seditious” materials such as classified security documents. The point of the exercise would be to open a new criminal case against HH that could lead to options of having him locked up.

Reports also indicate that police had planned to raid Hichilema’s residence yesterday afternoon, however UPND caught wind of the plot, and surrounded the house with cadres, leaving the police with cold feet.

According to the source, there is panic among PF members seeking the mantle of leadership after President Michael Sata disclosed that he had no intention to stand in the next election.

“I have ran my race, I became Zambia’s 5th president and now I have nothing more to run for,” President Sata is reported to have said publicly before Kabimba, according to the source. “It is up to you to fix your problems now. Even if HH wins today I will not have any problems, so if you feel you will be in problems, you deal with him right now.”

Source : Zambia Reports

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