Kabimba Caught in a Web of Lies

The Hon. Minister of Justice, Hon. Wynter Kabimba, SC, MP (Nominated) a few days ago appeared on national television saying:

“The constitution will not be decided by a small group of educated Zambians who use Chizungu (English) in social clubs because they are people who vilified Mr Michael Sata. They mocked the man and never attended his rallies, I was there myself and I never saw these type of Zambians who now want to hijack the process… ..The people that voted for Michael Sata don’t even speak Chizungu. They live in Kanyama and when we speak to them they tell us that they want development first, they want roads, better health care and good education… .Our manifesto has 28 programmes and the constitution happens to be just one of them”.

Now it is shocking that the entire Minister of Justice has shrunk so heavily in his execution of duties that he forgets that he is the country’s Minister of Justice–for the educated and not educated, for those in opposition and those in PF. Today the Hon. Minister says the constitution will not be decided by a small group of ‘educated Zambians’ since they did not attend Sata’s rallies. I couldn’t help but laugh at this man, he is surely a comedian, and would do well to audition for one of the Stand Up Comedies at Lusaka Play House. He has great potential in sarcastic comedy.

It was this same man and his boss, Mr. Sata that set up a Technical Committee and spent billions of kwachas to draft the constitution. A committee made up entirely ‘educated Zambians’, some PF sympathizers, carefully selected by Wynter Kabimba and his boss. Today, with the draft constitution on Wynter’s table, he diverts attention that we need people from Kanyama to draft the constitution, or that we need to attend to their needs rather than pay attention to the PF’s programme of constitution review.

So did Wynter think that the members of the Technical Committee were a bunch of illiterates that only care about their bellies? Is he now let down that there are infact people in Zambia who are above board and care about the wellbeing of the nation beyond party affiliation and gluttony? Is that the reason he now wants to be the all caring Father Christmas to people of Kanyama when the billions of Kwacha spent on the technical committee could have eased the suffering of these same people he now wants to associate himself with? The last time he appeared on TV he defended the government’s excessive spending and obsession with by-elections saying there is money for such. Today, he diverts attention and wants to appear all caring to the poor Zambians that they are now a priority. Surely, how long does he think he can hold onto these lies?

Today Mr. Kabimba is caught in a web of lies, and is finding it hard to justify these lies, and when he does so, he exposes his inexperience in national governance. How does an educated lawyer, a state counsel, ODS, surely take pride in illiteracy?

Perhaps this explains why he was an ardent supporter of the regressive ‘Local Language Instruction’ policy initiated by his counterpart in the Ministry of Education. Mr. Kabimba wants only to govern people that do not speak’ Chizungu’, so he makes sure, with the Minister of education, that all our children in primary school do not learn Chizungu, putting into the practice the saying: ‘kill them before they grow’.

Mr. Kabimba thinks he lives in an exclusively PF country, or thinks he can create one like that. He doesn’t seem to realize that he lives in a diverse country, and that his government is a government of such a diverse nation. The colonial approach of divide and rule he is trying to use would not work. Alas, sad for him, our nation is becoming more enlightened by day. People are getting more educated by day. Even in Kanyama where he thinks there is a reserve of illiterates for ease of manipulation, education and literacy is on the rise as people becomes more enlightened and see through the lies he is now caught in.

Now surely, this man is proving to be terminally untrustworthy and close to being disturbed too. He too is proving to be an obsessive confidence-trickster who seems to live in an imaginary world created in his head. To the extent that he even believes what he says, he is delusional. To the extent that he does not, he is an actor whose first invention — himself — has been his only interesting role, and expects the entire nation to find amusement in his trickery. The sooner the educated Minister of justice who spoke chizungu the entire programme realizes that his government has a national mandate to govern and attend to the needs of the entire population, the better for him and his party.

Source : Zambia Reports

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