Kabimba Calls Oasis Forum to Display His Arrogance On Constitution

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba this morning held a meeting with members of the Oasis Forum over the way forward on the new constitution.

While the meeting did not produce anything new, it was yet another opportunity for Kabimba to have a show of his arrogance at the pro-constitution aocates.

The Oasis Forum delegation included Chairperson Reverend Suzanne Matale, Beatrice Grillo and Fr Cleopas Lungu.

Matale had asked Kabimba to state where the problem was over the draft constitution and asked the PF to state which clauses had made them uncomfortable.

Kabimba obstinately stuck to his development first line leaving no room for progress on the subject.

Earlier there was there was a clash of opinion over whether the press be allowed in the session or not.

Unknown to the Oasis Forum who had requested for a private meeting, Kabimba had alerted the media houses of the meeting.

After discussions the press was allowed in the meeting at the Ministry of Justice.

Source : Zambia Reports

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