Kabimba Being Unreasonable – Judiciary Workers

The Judiciary and Allied Workers Union of Zambia has described Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba’s support for a pay rise for Members of Parliament at the time civil servants have a wage freeze as unreasonable.

JAWUZ president Peter Mwale says Kabimba should have been the one to aise government that wage freeze was illegal but had shown his selfishness by backing the pay rise for MPs.

Mwale said Kabimba did not seem to be in his right frame of mind to support a pay rise for MPs who were also public servants.

“We are very disappointed to the extent that now we have doubted the credibility of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba because there is no way the Justice Minister in his right sense of thinking can support an increase by Members of Parliament,” Mwale said.

“Of course we know that in Zambia, politics of poverty have taken a centre stage and unfortunately we don’t know whether Mr Wynter Kabimba is also part of those that are in politics for the belly.”

He added:” What is shocking is that this minister knows that his government imposed a wage freeze on public servants are MPs not public servants? Of course they are public servants but he is quoted and heard supporting the increase, this unreasonable, very unjustified and Mr Wynter Kabimba should be the last person and should have aised that the wage freeze they imposed is illegal.”

Mwale said that MPs supporting the wage freeze should resign and pursue more financially rewarding careers.

“All MPs that are agitating for this increase in parliament should resign on moral grounds we will not allow them because they are public servants. If they went to parliament to make money they have exposed themselves,” he said.

Source : Zambia Reports

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