K500,000 Needed to Curb Twapia Water Blues

KAFUBU Water and Sewerage Company (KWSC) says it needs K500,000 to address the erratic water supply in Twapia Township in Ndola. Twapia Township has in the past years faced erratic water supply as a result of dilapidated water pipes that have not been replaced for a long time.

A check in the township yesterday found a few houses with running water from the taps and the majority of the residents fetching water from boreholes at a community clinic and a mosque. KWSC public relations officer Margret Zulu said in an interview that the company was scouting for K500,000 to overhaul the 2.2 kilometre water pipe that supply water to the township.

She said the erratic water supply in the area was as a result of aged pipes that often burst due to high water pressure from the main plant. “Yes there is an erratic water supply in Twapia Township. The company is sourcing K500,000 to upgrade the water infrastructure in the area,” Ms Zulu said.

She said the area would see normal water supply after the pipes supplying water to the area were upgraded. She appealed to all customers that were receiving bills but had no service to seek consultation from the company’s customer care services.

Ms Zulu said KWSC would continue to bill all customers in the area for sewerage because the residents were still benefiting from the service despite the lack of water supply. Residents in the area have called on the water utility company to quickly address the water challenge in the area that has affected their way of life.

Dorothy Chilufya of 316 Twapia told said she was spending a lot of money every day in order to have the commodity at her house. And Annie Kalolo said it was inconveniencing for her and the family to always ask for water every day from neigbhours that have water.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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