K23 Million Mining Tax Collected Disappoints Mutesa

Zambians for Empowerment and Development leader Fred Mutesa says it is very disappointing that government only collected K23 million taxes from four mining firms.

Mutesa said government is on a blind chase as they are not even aware of how much is taxable from the mines and can’t therefore know when they are cheated.

He said no one should be cheated that government is raking enough from the mines.

“Firstly, government lacks the capacity to collect taxes and does not even know how much tax is due to them,” he said.

“Paying something does not mean you are complying with the law because government has not capacity to ascertain what is taxable.”

He said: “They only collected K23 million from four mining which is a shame but you have to understand that government does not know what is due to them.”

The revision of the development agreements and mineral rights has been a thorny issue that government has refused to follow through despite leading the call whilst in opposition.

Source : Zambia Reports

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