Judge Chali Refusing to Recuse Himself in Sata Medical Health Case

Lusaka High court Judge Isaac Chali has continued defying logic as he is still adamant to recuse himself in a matter in which Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala wants Cabinet to set up a medical board to ascertain the physical mental health of President Michael Sata.

When the matter came up for ruling todayon an application by Changala through his Lawyer Makebi Zulu to have Chali recuse himself, Judge Chali instead delivering ruling bought more time by asking Changala to make an oral submission despite him having filed written submissions two weeks.

Changala two weeks almost three weeks ago re-submitted his order of Mandamus to ask Cabinet to form a medical board. In his re-submission after Judge Chali earlier threw out the application, Changala apart from asking for Judge Chali to recuse himself also asked that the matter be heard by not less than three judges.

When the matter came up before Judge Chali today, Changala was told that the Acting Chief Justice has not yet acted on his request.

A source at the High Court said it was unlikely that the Acting Chief Justice would respond. “I doubt if she will even respond to Changala. That lady is in that position owing to the President and do you think she would act on such, No I do not think so,” the source said.

In a normal country were the Justice System is above board, Judge Isaac Chali was supposed to recuse himself from hearing the matter because Brebner Changala has lodged an official complaint against Judge Isaac Chali at the Judicial Complaints Authority.

Judge Chali has since adjourned the matter to Thursday August 7,2014 for ruling on whether he would finally recuse himself or not.

Source : Zambia Reports

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