Is Zambian Society Slowly Losing Its Moral Standing?

THE continued defilement cases in the country are a worry and of great concern.

Admittedly, even more saddening is the defilement of girls by the people who are supposed to protect them such as fathers and teachers.

It emerged, only last week that a 13 year old girl has been impregnate by her father who on several occasions defiled her.

Agreeably, it is indeed odd that a father who is supposed to protect his child would take aantage of a defenceless daughter.

Similarly, another 12-year-old girl was defiled by her father who took aantage of her when she was left in his custody.

Equally, another grade seven girl in on the Copperbelt was defiled by a teacher at her school.

With these state of affairs in the country, it only true to state that the Zambian society is to some extend losing its moral standing.

A father or indeed a parent is there to provide guidance to a child (ren) on what is expected of him or her but seemingly it is becoming the opposite in some cases.

Admittedly, as the Minister of Gender Inonge Wina stated, not too long, the breakdown in the family system is indeed a contributing factor to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

It is indeed, agreeable, that the occurrences under discussion are a clear example of moral decay in the Zambian society.

True to this, research also shows that moral decay indeed perpetuates the rising levels of defilement cases.

It is in this regard that the Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) coordinator in Southern province Faith Simukoko called for the new approach in sensitisation programmes against SGBV.

Ms Simukoko called on the need to make sensitisations against SGBV more family based.

On the other hand, it has become clear that there is a great need for parents and guardians alike to inculcate moral values in children.

The recent incidence where 42 pupils on the Copperbelt where arrested for conducting themselves in a disorderly manner after holding a sex party is a clear indication that there is a great need for parents to provide moral guidance to their children.

Agreeably, there is need for parents to take charge and fulfill their obligation by guiding there children between right and wrong.

Surely, when children are properly guided the chances of them departing from what they have been taught are slim.

In fact, it has been argued that moral values in society have depreciated so badly due to the erosion of our cultural values in our society, to the extent that some parents do not care what their children read or view.

True to this, our society is slowly abandoning its cultural values in preference to other cultures in the name of civilisation.

Agreeably, the adoption of other cultures has proved to be detrimental to our children and the youth at large in this country.

This, without doubt, has contributed to moral decay among the youth. Admittedly, the youth are, however, on the receiving end, being condemned on the failures of their parents and guardians in most cases.

But the question to ask probably is “are parents and guardians providing the necessary moral guidance?

This is against the backdrop that some children are left unmonitored and are free to do whatever they want in the name of civilisation.

But really, with all due respect to parents and guardians, the onus to take responsibility and provide direction is on you (parents and guardians).

Children should not be blamed for the failures of their parents and guardians because a child is only a product of hisher environment.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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