Inonge Wina Gatecrashes Nkwazi House – Chased Away

Minister of Gender and Child Development Inonge Wina is known as a bold and confident woman, but few would predict just how far it would take her.

Like many Zambians, Ms Wina was very curious to learn more about the health status of President Michael Sata. In fact, on Monday 28 July Ms. Wina paid a visit to the presidential residence at Nkwazi House. The only problem? Nobody had invited her, and she was chased away after gatecrashing into President Sata’s garden.

Speaking to Zambia Reports, a source inside State House says that Wina had been sent by PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to check up on President Sata to find out if he is as ill as rumoured. Allegedly Kabimba has been afraid of meeting with President Sata and has been avoided him since he returned from Israel.

When she arrived at State House at around mid day she was asked the purpose of her visit by the security detail. Our source says that Minister Wina then allegedly lied her way through the gate, telling them that she had been personally summoned by President Sata and told to go to his residence at Nkwazi directly.

Once security let her through, she went to the house and found the President resting outdoors taking in sun. However, President Sata was not at all pleased to see the uninvited visitor, the source says. The source witnessed the president becoming very angry with the minister, demanding to know why she had come there, and began using abusive language and accusing her of belonging to the group that wishes him dead. His temper rose to the point that he had to be helped inside to rest, while security was ordered to kick out Wina from State House grounds immediately.

He has not been seen outside today from yesterdays incident only a few family members and his Indian doctor have been seen entering his home.

Source : Zambia Reports

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