I’m Not Intimidated – Hot FM Editor

Hot FM editor Changwe Kabwe has declared he will not be intimidated by the Patriotic Front government oppressing the media in the country after police warned and cautioned him today.

Kabwe, who was summoned to the police with Hot FM chief executive Oscar Chavula this morning, has been warned and cautioned for allegedly publishing false information with intent to cause public alarm in relation to a news item that aired on President Michael Sata.

He said “My spirits are still very g. Not intimidated. I believe the public has the RIGHT to know.

“At this stage, I and my legal counsel are ready for anything from the oppressors of free press.

“No level of intimidation of Journalists shall succeed.”

Zambian journalists are living under the cloud of heavy intimidation and threats since the PF came to power with the slightest of criticism on President Sata attracting massive police attention.

Kabwe, who was summoned to the police headquarters, opted to remain silent.

The police alleged that Kabwe authorized the publication of the news that President Michael Sata had fallen ill and evacuated to South Africa with intent to cause panic and alarm.

President Sata’s alleged failing health is a very touchy subject with his handlers shutting out debate on the matter while the few occasions he has showed up in public have left the public more convinced that his frail looking body confirms the allegations.

Source : Zambia Reports

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