Home Schooling With a Tough Teacher

TO a larger degree, practices or tactics that parents make use of in their quest to bring-up their children in a good way makes them unpopular in the face of their own children.

Yet again if they (parents) persist not giving up but doing what needs to be done correctly, these will turn-out to be the cause for them being celebrated.

The objective of every parent, therefore, is not to become as popular as a pop-star but rather to do right as a holy saint and patiently wait for the time of glorification, who knows when that will be?

You will probably be surprised, just how many dads and moms out there suffer emotional distress, all for the reason that their little-child has refused to eat dinner because he or she has been refused to go for a sleep-over to a friend’s home whom they (parents) see as a bad influence or for the reason that their teenager, who is withdrawn since they (parents) would not allow him or her to go out to a’ questionable’ school party.

It is very clear as in the above scenarios that children will try and employ manipulation and trickery to get parents to act in their favour.

What is worse is that in the days we are living in, this has become the norm instead of the exception it ought to be.

Parents are falling into this trap with both eyes wide opened, choosing popularity over doing the right thing.

Let alone, all that a child wants is sleep, eat and have fun. This is why every child needs a tough trainer to help prepare them for their next level in life… Of course it is true, that how prepared they are to a great extent has to do with both the trainer and the training.

History bears testimony to the fact that if the training is the permissive or laissez faire type then backbones of graduates that come off it, are usually so weak to keep up with the pressures of that particular sphere of life. (I.e. training should be matched with the anticipated task)

You bet it takes a lot of guts for every parent who chooses to do the right thing at the expense of losing a grade in pleasant appearance.

Take for instance a mother who insists that her teenaged, Grade 12 daughter does the cleaning of the Kitchen after supper and wakes up early to help with the sweeping of the house before leaving for class yet does not tone down on her demand for good grades.

In certain quarters she might be viewed as being harsh, intolerant or as one who is out-of-step with modernity, especially in an era where maids can easily be hired to do some of these chores.

The case would be perceived worse if it were not her-own biological daughter involved.

Yet, all she is trying to do is equip her girl in a holistic manner to be a responsible wife and mother some day.

If you try to look at this critically and honestly, she cannot afford to postpone her life lessons say until the daughter is done with her final exams.

This daughter has no choice except take up her lessons simultaneously.

It is time every parent thought of their homes as schools, training grounds where tomorrow’s parents are equipped and just like every good school the learning environment should be ideal, high standards need to be maintained and trainers need to be rigorous and tough enough to ensure that they produce fully-baked home schooled graduates .

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Source : The Times of Zambia

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