Hichilema’s Full Press Statement


16TH APRIL, 2014


With more than half the term of the Patriotic Front (PF) mandate gone, it is becoming evidently clear that Mr. Sata is a mis-fit in a democratic setting such as ours. The decline in the enjoyment of civil liberties, the deficiencies in good governance and the total breakdown of law and order since the ascendance of Mr. Sata to the Presidency all attest to the fact that Zambia has a full blown dictator as President.

Mr. Sata’s Character

A careful analysis of Mr. Sata’s conduct shows that violence and terrorism are a big part of the current President’s character.

(i) Colonial History

We are made to understand that Mr. Sata was a ‘Capri cone’ who used to spy on freedom fighters and caused many of them to be beaten and arrested by colonial masters.

(ii) One Party State History

He was part of the vigilante group that unleashed untold misery to our people during the one party state era.

(iii) Post One Party State era

Mr. Sata as National Secretary of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) introduced panga wielding cadres on the Zambian political scene especially during the Chawama by-election of 2001.

He further orchestrated the 3rd term campaign violence that characterized the MMD convention of 2001.

This is the man who is President today, and remember a leopard does not change its spots.

Political violence under the PF Government

Ever since President Sata ascended to power in 2011, political violence has escalated. Some of the recorded incidences of political violence were in Rufunsa, Livingstone, Kanyama, Kabwata, Kasama and Eastern Province. Others were at Woodlands Police Station, Kampasa and Cathedral of the Holy Cross. The list is endless.

PF Militia attack at Sun FM Radio in Ndola

The latest incident happened just a few days ago in Ndola. The PF Militia who were heavily armed with guns, machetes, planks and other weapons attacked UPND members at Sun FM radio station. Going by the weapons in the possession of these thugs and their savage actions, one can safely state that what they intended to do was to kill.

We are deliberately describing the PF thugs as a militia because they suit into the dictionary meaning of a militia. They are an armed force, a private army and a band of soldiers who have been spotted in combat military uniform. In the Ndola incidence, the PF militia fired gun shots at both the Sun FM Radio Station and the UPND regional Secretariat.

The PF attack at Sun FM Radio Station is also meant to scare media institutions from inviting opposition leaders and other stakeholders with views different from those of the PF from featuring on their programmes. The attacks are also intended to stifle debate and infringe on our constitutional freedoms of speech and expression. This is totally unacceptable and should not be condoned. We appeal to all concerned stakeholders such as the media, church, civil society organizations, political parties and the international community to pay attention to the degenerating situation in Zambia and condemn this barbaric attack on media institutions.

Police Conduct

Police have become increasingly brutal, unprofessional, biased and compromised under the PF administration. Judging from their conduct, no citizen should expect Police protection when attacked by PF militias. If anything, our citizens risk being sold out to the PF by the very Police which is supposed to protect them, a trend which should come to an end forthwith.

Ministry of Home Affairs Conduct

The Ministry of Home Affairs has allowed a situation to obtain where law enforcement is executed in a manner that protects PF militiasthugs at the expense of other citizens. How does the Minister explain the current situation where no arrests are effected to known PF cadres who have continued to commit serious crimes such as grabbing land from genuine owners, injuring and in some cases killing citizens, wearing military gear, wielding pangas and other dangerous weapons, carrying guns and discharging live ammunition in public. In the case of Sun FM, the Police have arrested none of the thugs yet they were present at the scene and know the ring leaders by name.

Fear over Constitution

We are aware that the PF are agitated and panicking over the consistent demands by Zambians for a people driven constitution. When they heard that the UPND leadership was on the Copperbelt they were shaken. In their panic they thought the solution was to eliminate us. This will not diminish the people’s demand to have a new constitution.


(i) Assassination Attempt

Looking at the manner in which the attack on us at Sun FM was executed and the weapons in possession of the PF thugs including the gun shots fired, it is clear that this was an assassination attempt.

The PF wants to eliminate the UPND leadership. This is a dangerous plan that the PF have for the country. Shedding blood is not a good strategy for good governance. Violence breeds violence and will lead to political unrest and could put the Country in flames.

(ii) State of Emergency

We are now vindicated that this political violence is being perpetrated by the PF as a pretext to declare a state of emergency. Once this state of emergency is declared, opposition political leaders will either be detained without charge or even killed. Under a state of emergency, the government will even delay general elections in 2016 and cling on to power indefinitely.

(iii) Mr. Sata should order arrest of his militias

President Sata should personally condemn the attempts by PF cadres to eliminate other political leaders. In the Sun FM case, some of these militias were transported to Ndola from other towns on the Copperbelt such as Kitwe and Luanshya, in a well planned and deadly mission. It was a well planned assassination attempt.

They were in motor vehicles which were identified and ring leaders that were known.

President Sata should order the arrest of these PF militias. From the behavior of the Police in Ndola, it is clear that they were scared to arrest the PF militia for fear of loosing their jobs. It is abundantly clear that the Police will only arrest these PF militias if President Sata orders them to do so.

(iv) Report to the Hague

We would like to warn President Sata that if he does not stop this violence, disband his militia and have the people that attempted to assassinate Hakainde Hichilema in Ndola arrested, we will have no option but to report him to the International Criminal Court at the Hague for prosecution for crimes against humanity.

(v) Resignation

The events that have beset our Country in the last two and half years demonstrate that President Sata is incompetent, lacks the necessary skills to lead our Country and should resign forthwith.

(vi) Appeal for calm

Even though we are targets and victims of this brutal and savage attacks from the PF militias and thugs, we call upon the nation and all our supporters and sympathisers not to return violence with violence. Lets us not take the law in our own hands but rather remain calm as we seek a sensible solution to the persistent and demonic aggression from President Sata and his PF.

As we seek leadership of this great country, we are clear in our minds that no one can lead their country to development in an environment of instability, violence and bloodshed which the PF is promoting. The PF should concentrate on reducing the high cost of living, creating genuine jobs and facilitating the delivery of a people’s driven constitution.

Thank you for your attention and may God bless our country.

Source : Zambia Reports

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