Hichilema Warns of Citizen Arrest in Mangango

United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema says his party will implement citizen arrests on District Commissioners that have been ferried to Mangango Constituency to beef up Patriotic Front campaigns if they are not withdrawn.

Addressing a media briefing on Monday, Hichilema charged that PF campaign manager Obvious Mwaliteta was commandeering a platoon of youths imported from outside Western Province to promote violence and intimidate the locals.

Hichilema also said it was shocking that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was misleadingly telling the nation that citizens did not need a constitution but clean water.

He said the PF were using government resources for their party activities in Mangango constituency.

“These PF cadres are abusing public resources, this is a country in which we live today that law and order is broken by those in government. Those who are supposed to be protecting citizens, those who are supposed to be providing law and order so where will the people go? If the police do not act on wrong doers and end up detaining the victims,” he said.

“How will the people report wrong doers to the police, the resultant effect will be chaos. And we know what people want to do in Mangango, it is to create chaos probably start killing people there then accuse UPND as they did in Livingstone and it is the same thug Mwaliteta who was at the forefront of that.”

He said Kabimba had exposed the typical lack of respect for the citizens by the PF when he appeared on a ZNBC Sunday Interview programme where he said that the constitution was not a priority.

“ZNBC why don’t you also allow us to appear on that programme so we can do justice to issues affecting the people of Zambia and we can expose mediocrity like what Kabimba exhibited last night,’ he said.

“I was really saddened watching TV last night where a person was bragging and fooling citizens that the constitution is not important. To deliver clean water, to deliver food for those that need it at affordable prices you need the constitution through what is called the bill of rights to oblige an incapable government like that of PF to ensure that food is available to people including those of Shang’ombo at a price that is affordable.”

Source : Zambia Reports

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