Happy Easter

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has wished Zambians happy Easter holidays.

“Happy Easter dear friends,” President Sata posted on his Facebook page where he also uploaded pictures from St Ignatius Catholic Church when he attended the Veneration of the cross mass on Friday.

The President posted pictures of himself seated on the same pew with former Republican Presidents Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda.

And Chipata Catholic priest Fr Peter Phiri has asked Zambians to condemn tribalism, regionalism and any form of violence which was being propagated.

Fr Phiri said when he celebrated Easter mass held at St Anne’s Cathedral in Chipata yesterday that tribalism and regionalism should not take root in the country.

Fr Phiri said he was aware that people were segregating against each other due to tribalism and regionalism in the country.

He said people should not go against the teachings of the Bible, about God’s creation and the promotion of love in the community.

“2014 is a good year for Zambia, let us remember to love one another and you should not base your attitude on tribalism and regionalism, which must be condemned to the fullest,”Fr Phiri said.

He explained that he was taken aback sometimes when people wielded machetes, pangas and brandished guns to attack one another because of tribalism or due to different political affiliations.

He said those activities should always be condemned in the country which had enjoyed peace for five decades and instead promote unity.

Fr Phiri said Easter as well as the Zambian Golden jubillee should promote unity, reconciliation and love in the country.

And Chipata Catholic Diocese Auxiliary Bishop Benjamin Phiri said hypocrisy among Christians was wrong.

The prelate said during Easter Vigil mass held at the same parish on Saturday evening that there was no one who was right on earth.

The bishop said it was unfortunate that the people who were committing murder and abortion were Christians.

In Lusaka, St Ignatius assistant Parish Priest, Charles Chilinda reiterated his call for unity saying not even

Source : The Times of Zambia

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