Guy Scott Throws Tantrums At Central Statistics for Job Data

Vice President Guy Scott says the Central Statistical Office is being nonsensical by giving old figures on job creation since the Patriotic Front took over government.

Scott claimed the PF had created a lot of jobs but were still be lumped with MMD progression figures.

The PF has been banding figures on job creation that have been disputed by some stakeholders describing them as cooked up.

“The system of monitoring jobs in Zambia is very weak, the CSO when we ask them for figures they give us figures based on employment of the previous government,” he said.

“They say in 2008 it was growing at 5% a year we are going to extrapolate that into the PF period to get the projected number.

“All this is nonsense because we have done things which are specifically designed to increase employment which were not done by the previous government.”

Apart from the menial jobs that mostly involve wheelbarrow pushing, digging and shoveling, most Zambians have not yet witnessed the highly publicized job creation drive that was at the heart of the PF campaign message.

Source : Zambia Reports

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