Green Party Insist On Legalising Marijuana

The Green Party has insisted that it will legalize the cultivation of marijuana if they take over power.

Party president Peter Sinkamba said that they estimated that if marijuana was allowed to flourish it would rake in US$15 billion annually for the treasury.

He said that he would abolish the Drug Enforcement Commission and save the money to other sectors.

“We will use the Zambia National Service to use them as a green army we will have zones in various districts. We will control it by using it for commercial purposes,” Sinkamba said.

“It will not only bring in money but we are going to employ about 300, 000 youths which will benefit the country.”

He added: “We are going to abolish the DEC, we won’t need and their functions can be taken by other law enforcement agencies.”

The Green Party’s pro-marijuana stance has proved highly controversial with the People’s Party Mike Mulongoti also backing the commercialization of marijuana in Zambia.

Source : Zambia Reports

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