Govt Stance On Gay Rights Should Be Supported

IMAGINE there was just one part of the world where men and women followed the Bible’s instructions regarding finding a spouse, and strictly followed the holy book’s instructions on how to build a g marriage, one that lasts!

Imagine a place with no sexual perversions, whether heterosexual or homosexual! Such a world would obviously be the most preferred by God-fearing residents of planet earth.

Sadly it appears no such place exists anywhere in this world because what are clearly considered to be immoral practices are not only embraced but also promoted in some parts of the world.

It is particularly saddening that Western societies, from where people in the Third World learn so many things, do not only turn a blind eye to such issues as homosexuality but also want this to be condoned and practiced in African countries.

Some developing nations that have openly spoken out against and punished perpetrators of homosexuality have actually been threatened with sanctions by developing countries where people consider this to be a human right.

Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Gabriel Namulambe, therefore, needs every Zambian’s support for restating the Government’s position over the so-called gay rights.

This is because, as the deputy minister says, this is not just untraditional but goes against the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation, and a clause to that efect has even been enshrined in the Constitution.

Endorsing gay ‘rights’ would, therefore, be giving approval to a lifestyle choice that is essentially unnatural and one which the Bible condemns as immoral.

So in a country where majority people are Christians, there should be no room for the normalisation of homosexuality, and the Government must be supported in its opposition to gay relationships as these are absolutely not God-honouring.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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