Government Officials Abuse Vehicles for Personal Use

Government officials from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party have spent more K10 million to purchase motor vehicles and office equipment for all constituencies across Zambia.

According to PF insiders, the vehicles were meant for PF mobilisations and other operations, but the cars were being abused by party members who have been entrusted with the property for their personal use.

“The source of the money is not known, but the secretary general Wynter Kabimba and others are aware. There are some Chinese involved and we also heard that part of the money came from the government. The decision to buy vehicles for each constituency came from the President himself and he said MMD had cars and so the PF as the ruling party needed to have transport,” the source said.

Investigations in Lusaka showed that all the PF constituencies were equipped with at least second Japanese Toyota Noah and these vehicles were branded with PF banners and logos.

The vehicle for Kabwata constituency is often parked at taverns and other drinking places in Chilenje, Kabwata and Libala.

The Toyota Noah car for Chawama is often seen with Robert Chikwelete and he uses it like a persona to holder car, which also runs his personal errands such as doing school runs for his children.

“The problem is that there is no order in which this thing was done. The cars have become like personal to holder and the ones in charge don’t want others to use them. Most of the times, the cars are parked at bars. The PF has no offices at places like East Point Discotheque in Kabwata. There is gross abuse and everyone says it is their time to enjoy the benefits of being in the ruling party.

According to the source, the PF wanted to acquire brand new vehicles from the showrooms, but the people at the secretariat who were entrusted with the responsibility to buy the cars decided to get second hand Japanese units via the internet.

“Everyone is saying the two ministers who were sucked for buying second hand vehicles using Constituency Development Funds must be forgiven because PF officials at the secretariat have done it as well. The idea is good, but the vehicles are found in the hands of reckless cadres and other irresponsible people who are not using the cars for the purpose they were bought. It is abusing property whether it is for the party or private. We are supposed to use these cars for specific party duties but the situation on the ground id different. This is sad and we hope the President and other senior party officials are aware of what is happening,” the source said.

The ruling MMD had motor vehicles in all its constituencies, but all the cars were confiscated by the PF government alleging that the units were acquired using government resources and other stolen funds.

It is believed that some of the vehicles have been personalised by the PF officials who descended on the MMD property immediately after the 2011 elections.

But now, the PF has bought over 200 motor vehicles using public funds and other concealed sources.

Source : Zambia Reports

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