Give State House the Benefit of Doubt – Mpombo

Opposition People’s Democratic Party President George Mpombo says he will give the scant information being fed through State House and President Michael Sata’s Facebook page with the benefit of doubt.

Mpombo said that he would reluctantly give it time before the truth emerges about the true state of health of President Sata.

“Maybe we should give it a bit of time since we are now being told that he is chairing cabinet meetings. I give him a benefit of doubt but issues of giving out correct updates should not be compromised,” he said.

While President Sata has stayed put from the public, there has been half hearted attempts from State House, after weeks of third grade handling of communication to channel blind communication to the public without availing the Head of State to the public.

The usually jovial public seeking President Sata has tucked himself away from the public as rumours continue heightening over the real reason of his public disappearance.

Source : Zambia Reports

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