GBM’s Accuser Forged Signatures

The Zambian Police Service finds itself in a fix as newly released evidence casts doubt on assault charges against former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM.

This follows the recent release of a forensic report by the Zambia Police service’s handwriting expert concerning an incident earlier this year when an employee of GBM’s company, Arizona Marketing, by the name of Collins Mudai accused his boss of having assaulted him, and reported the matter to Matero police resulting in the arrest of the former defence minister.

During interrogations at Matero Police, GBM told the police that Mudai had actually defrauded the company by issuing a forged document to SGC Filling station. GBM said when Mudai was confronted, Mudai decided to accuse GBM of assault in order to run away from the possible charge of fraud.

GBM, who had previously fallen out with some elements within the Patriotic Front leading to his removal as Defence Minister, was aggressively attacked by Fred M’membe’s Post newspaper over this accusation, adding a political dimension to the case. Despite weak evidence, the police went forward and filed charges and took the matter to trial.

However, while this was happening, GBM’s legal counsel Makebi Zulu requested the police to investigate the fraud allegations against Mr. Mudai. According to the report by Mr. Thomas Phiri, a senior forensic handwriting expert at Police Service Headquarters, it was found that Mr. Mudai indeed had been involved with forgeries of GBM’s signature.

Given the g evidence of Mr. Mudai’s forgery and fraud, the arrest and charge of assault against GBM would likely not have occurred under normal circumstances, according to one police source.

“GBM was right. Mr. Mudai was trying to run away from the crime of fraud and frame him by accusing GBM of assault. However the Doctor who signed the medical report is also partly to blame. The command is failing to approach GBM to apologise for the arrest especially that he has even appeared in court and pleaded not guilty,” the source said.

The source said that in light of this evidence, the assault case against GBM is purely political.

Source : Zambia Reports

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