Foreign Investors Appeal to Govt Over Illegally Seized Mine

Vikram Investments Limited, the company whose prospecting land in Shantumbu has been seized illegally by China Jiangsu International Limited, has asked the Ministry of Mines to intervene in the matter to stop the illegal occupation of its land.

This is in the matter where the Chinese have trespassed in the prospecting area for Vikram Investments Limited where they are mining without a licence and environmental protection plan from the Zambia environmental Authority (ZEMA).

But according to paper trail that was analysed recently, the Chinese are acting with two other firms, Skyline Quarry and Busoli Development Company who dubiously obtain surface rights for mining in Shantumbu.

According to investigations, Busoli Development Company and Skyline Quarry are twin companies with Elizabeth Mainza, Chieftainess Nkomeshya’s daughter, her husband Lennard Kawanu and George Mwamba as some of the directors.

According to letters obtained from the ministry of mines, Vikram Investments contends that the ministry of mines had powers to stop the illegal mining being conducted by the Chinese in Shantumbu area.

Vikram Investments Limited says that the Director of mines must be pro-active in his duties because his office had the audacity to settle disputes among investors in the mining sector.

The company contends that Vikram Investments Limited was prompted to go to court over the mining dispute in Shantumbu because the director of mines had not shown willingness to stop the illegal occupation of its prospecting area.

The company wants the ministry of mines to arbitrate between Vikram Investments Limited and headmen council under the Busoli Royal Establishment over surface rights in Shantumbu.

“In view of the controversy currently obtaining in Chieftaness Nkomeshya’s area pertaining to prospecting and surface rights between Vikram Investments Limited and the local council of headmen who allegedly gave a Mr George Mwamba and his allied (Skyline Quarry Limited, Busoli Development Company and China Jiangsu International Limited) surface rights. We wish to draw your attention to the Mines and Minerals Act, which empowers you to negotiate on behalf of the parties to the contention,” reads part of the letter from Vikram Investments Limited to the Director of mines development.

Vikram Investments Limited had said that the arbitration was necessary because it was the first company that obtained a valid and legal prospecting licence but it could not move into the site because the local council of headmen in Shantumbu Zone 10 blocked this occupation by contending that it gave the surface rights on the land to another group of investors.

The letter, which was obtained last week says that Vikram Investments wants

In the correspondence to the ministry of mines, Vikram Investments Limited wants the government to correct the irregularities brought about as a result of the illegal mining activities.

“The government has demonstrated great leadership to zero tolerance to corruption, we thus know you shall execute your duty with the diligence and consideration of the parties involved with due respect to the law and the mines and minerals Act. We therefore, implore the ministry to help in this regard,” reads part of the letter to the director of Mines and Minerals development.

Some observers have stated that senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya’s daughter Elizabeth Mainza and her husband Lennard Kawanu must declare interest in this case because it was unethical for them as members of the royal family since they had competitive aantage over other interested parties to the mining dispute.

Source : Zambia Reports

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