Flying Doctors Resume Ops in Luano

THE Zambia Flying Doctors Service (ZFDS) has resumed their operations in Luano District following the clearing of the Chingombe air strip. Last month, the ZFDS suspended operations in the Luano Valley area due to the bad state of the airstrip. Luano District Commissioner Luke Mwamba commended the medical air services for resuming operations.

“The flying doctors had stopped operating in the district because the air strip had been over grown with grass and was sometimes flooded,” Mr Mwamba said. Mr Mwamba said people in the area had lost access to medical services following the development.

“People in Senior Chief Mboroma, Chief Chembe and Chief Mbosha’s areas are the beneficiaries of the flying doctors and were seriously affected following the suspension of operations,” Mr Mwamba said. He said the airstrip had since been worked on by the residents following the release of relief maize by the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) which was distributed on food-for-work basis.

Mr Mwamba said the district received 100 tonnes of maize, 80 per cent which had been distributed on the food for-work-basis, while 20 percentage had been given out freely to the aged and the disabled.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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