FDD Says Guy Scott Is Being Economical With the Truth

Forum for Democracy and Development, FDD, spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says vice-president Guy Scott is being economical with the truth on the issue of Konkola Copper Mines.

Mwanza says Scott has contradicted President Michael Sata on the issue of KCM.

Below is the full FDD STATEMENT

Vice President Guy Scott’s reaction to President Edith Nawakwi’s sound and timely aice that the Government should send KCM a tax bill for all its outstanding taxes following the revelations by KCM owner, Anil Agarwal that KCM was making an excess of $500 million dollars in profits shows that Mr. Scott is not being truthful.

Guy Scot is quoted in today’s edition of the Post Newspapers saying that the government is already working on sending KCM the tax bill.

But on Monday, President Sata said that Government is still waiting for a report from the Ministry of Mines for it to decide which action to take.

It is therefore not correct for Guy Scott to tell us that the government has already made a decision to send KCM a tax bill unless he (Scott) is telling us that his President, Mr. Sata was lying when he said that government is awaiting a report from the Ministry of Mines before it decides what to do with KCM.

It is this arrogance from the top Government officials which is making it difficult for us the opposition to help them govern.

Instead of thanking President Nawakwi for giving the government wise counsel, Mr. Scott has chosen to pour scorn on Nawakwi saying she has no right to comment on these issues because according to him “She is a lone voice”

Prepared and issued by: Antonio Mwanza, FDD Spokesperson.

Source : Zambia Reports

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