FDD Calls Constitution Technical Committee to Resign

Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development says the Technical Committee on the constitution should resign as their continued occupation of government offices is unjustified.

FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said the Technical Committee had neither been bold enough to state whether they have been contacted over handing over the draft constitution or even opened up on what they have been doing since they completed their work last October.

The Technical Committee has continued to operate on a daily basis from the Government Complex despite having had nothing to do since they finished their work last year.

Mwanza urged chairperson Justice Anel Silungwe to save his long standing reputation by steping aside or at least show some spine by extricating himself and his colleagues from the shame that has become part of the constitution making process.

He said the Technical Committee may have been persuaded to stay on to earn extra allowances.

“We would like to throw the challenge to the Technical Committee to resign because what are they still doing in those offices since they finished their work last year? Why have they kept quiet all this time we appeal to Justice Anel Silungwe who is of international repute to do the right thing by stepping aside and show that he has some dignity,’ he said.

The constitution making process has stalled with government refusing to publicly receive the document that is on ice since November last year when the report was completed.

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has been playing dumb saying they are yet to secure an appointment with President Sata to handover the document although the Head of State never loses a moment to swear in government officials at a moment’s notice.

Source : Zambia Reports

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