FDA Against Chipimo’s Blueprint for Interim President [document]

The following press release was distributed by Forum for Democratic Alternatives Party.


31st May 2014

As Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) party, we have carefully studied the National Restoration Party (NAREP)’s Blueprint for the Restoration of Zambian Democracy and wish to observe that, while we welcome new ideas that are meant to enrich our young democracy, we are at pains to understand or appreciate NAREP’s blueprint for the restoration of Zambian democracy. We are unable to understand whether NAREP proposes the suspension of the current constitution or if they mean to apply the current constitution. then we still cannot understand where the envisaged interim president to be elected comes in.

In an event where the constitution is suspended, it shall constitute a clear coup d’etat as such an act shall abolish all constitutional offices, in short. grounding the entire government establishment. However, if NAREP wishes to argue otherwise in that the constitution currently in force remains the governing document, then the proposal is illegal because the current constitution does not cater for any interim arrangement even in an event that the Republican President dies in office. What NAREP seems to fail to appreciate is the fact that the current impasse in the constitution making process has everything to do with the absence of political wiII by the Patriotic Front government who are in charge of the constitution making process.

Therefore, the antidote to the failed constitution making process is as simple as mobilizing the masses to vote out the Patriotic Front government and usher in the Party that will introduce true and effective democratic governance. NAREP’s proposal is clearly done without the input of constitutional experts.

I do not know why Zambians do not like to tell the truth. The truth is, our governance system, our constitution gives a lot of powers to the President, necessitating the President to run the country as he wishes. This is what should be strengthened. It is for this reason that FDA Party believes in transformation of the construction essentially, so as to:

1. Separate the President from running the government, so that he remains the head of state only, titular president

2. Prime-minister must be the head of government.

Such constitutional changes will take care against presidential abuse such as these which have taken place in Zambia where presidents from time to time have failed to release the recommended constitutional recommendations.

FDA is aware that even the constitution which we are supporting jointly with Grand Coalition to be released will not solve this country’s problems until FDA’s constitutional formula has been put in place.

In summary, the blueprint for the restoration of Zambian democracy by NAREP is all but an academic exercise in futility which generates more questions than it provides answers.

Ludwig Sondashi, President

Source : Zambia Reports

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