East Chiefs Back State On Industries

TRADITIONAL leaders in Eastern Province have backed the Government’s proposal to introduce village industries in all the chiefdoms across the country.

Chief Nyamphande of the Ngoni speaking people and Chief Madzimawe of the Nsenga people said the proposal by the Government to introduce village industries was welcome because it would create employment among the people.

On Wednesday during the installation of Senior Chief Kalindawalo of the Nsenga people, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister Susan Kawandami said the Government was asking for project proposals from subjects through traditional leaders who wanted to set up village industries across the country.

Chief Nyamphande said the Government proposal on industries was a good idea which should be supported by all stakeholders.

The traditional leader said people in villages did not know that they were sitting on wealth saying the setting up of village industries would help in generating resources among the local people.

“These are kind of ideas that we want in villages and chiefdoms. For sure these are ideas we are looking for. People are currently sitting on wealth and through these industries many things can be produced locally,” Chief Nyamphande said.

Chief Madzimawe said some projects such as the village industries were not aimed at appeasing traditional leaders but to tackle poverty in rural areas.

He explained that the Government proposal to come up with village industries was good, saying some chiefdoms were already implementing the project.

The traditional leader also said it was also a disgrace for traditional leaders in the country to be fighting over land.

Chief Madzimawe said chiefs who were fighting over the land did not mean well for traditional leadership.

Chief Madzimawe said President Sata’s concern over increased land wrangles was genuine.

He said the disputes must end.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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