Drama At the MMD NEC Meeting

It is now public knowledge that the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Executive Committee (NEC) stripped its two vice Presidents and three others of their titles.

These people are Dr. Michael Kaingu, Vice President of Political Affairs, Dr. Brian Chituwo Vice President of Administration, Tourism Chairman Lucky Mulusa, Information Chairperson Dora Siliya, and National Youth Secretary Tobias Kafumukache.

Zambia Reports now give details of exactly what happened when the meeting was called to order by Muhabi Lungu, the party’s National Secretary.

Nevers Mumba chaired the meeting.

Nevers Mumba set the ball rolling when he said the meeting was called to discuss the five after the disposal of the court case by the Lusaka High Court.

Dr. Peter Machungwa, a close ally to Mumba, called for the outright expulsion of the five from the party. His motion was seconded by Elizabeth Chitika.

Mr. Suresh Desai was visibly agitated and came to the defence of the five, saying to Dr. Machungwa: “You expelled us during the third term debate. What did you achieve? Do you know that from the time you expelled the 22 of us that time, the MMD has not recovered? Why do you like expelling people? Do you know the consequences?”

Sinda Member of Parliament Levy Ngoma called for an outright reconciliation but he was shot down by Elizabeth Chitika.

Muhabi Lungu, whom everybody expected to support the expulsion motion, also supported Desai.

Stephen Mukuka, who sounded more tribal than knowledgeable, also wanted the five to expelled but received serious resistance from Desai, Muhabi, and Levy Ngoma.

All this was happening when the five were told to go outside as their fate was being discussed. When they were called in Kaingu said the NEC had done him a favour because he was about to resign.

He then moved from the high table and sat with other ordinary NEC members. Thirty NEC members from 60 debated the motion.

As the situation develops, we will provide further reports.

Source : Zambia Reports

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