Don’t Be Fooled Twice By PF Promises – MMD Youth Chairman

The following statement was distributed by the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) youth chairman:

As MMD Youth, we wish to send a g word of caution to our fellow youth that as we approach 2016, we should be very careful and never again allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by power-hungry politicians who attempt to entice us with empty promises that they will solve all the problems Zambians face today, as happened in 2011.

Such politicians are the cause of the problems we the youth are facing today. They make impractical grand promises just to get our vote. I appeal to my fellow youth not be swept away by political parties who are in the habit of rushing to the press every day offering fast sweet answers and claiming they will solve all our problems.

We have been there before. Do you remember the case of an opposition leader who paraded himself with an empty petrol jerry-can at a filling station, attacked the MMD government and made all taxi drivers believe that if he came into power, fuel would be very cheap and affordable?

Do you remember all the grand promises of more money in your pockets, lower taxes and employment for the youth within NINETY DAYS? Do you remember the big promise of a new constitution, also within NINETY DAYS?

Where are we today? Instead of making fuel cheaper, they removed the subsidy which made it much more expensive. They have tried to justify the action by giving us strange incoherent explanations. There is less money in our pockets, high taxes and no new constitution after nearly 3 years in power.

My message to the Youth of Zambia is, let us listen to all politicians, but let us thoroughly SCRUTINIZE, SCRUTINIZE AND SCRUTINIZE so that we are never cheated again.

This is the Hour for New Hope.

Honourable Howard Kunda

Source : Zambia Reports

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