Donor Nations Concerned Over Zambia’s Failure to Deliver Constitution

Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Pertti Anttinen says his country is watching the constitution making process in Zambia very closely.

Anttinen said the constitutional making process in Zambia had dragged on for a long time and needed to be drawn to a conclusion.

He said that Zambians should ensure that final document met their aspirations as a people so that they won’t have to go through the process soon.

“This process is on-going and has been going on for a long time but we would hope that the final document meets the aspirations of the Zambian people,” Anttinen said.

The constitution-making process has stalled with government dilly dallying to make progress after the Technical Committee concluded their work last November.

President Michael Sata has brushed aside criticism of the process, branding pro-constitution aocates as “yappers” who should stop talking about the subject.

In frustration after the Head of State remained elusive over the handover of the draft constitution, the Technical Committee dumped it at the Ministry of Justice where it has been gathering dust ever since.

Source : Zambia Reports

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