Delays of By-Elections Unconstitutional, Says Nevers

Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba says the Patriotic Front is holding voters in areas where by-elections have been put on hold due to legal challenges.

Eight by-elections are currently on hold despite the lapse of the 90 days window within which legally people must vote for a new Member of Parliament after a seat is declared vacant.

The PF has mounted a legal challenge in what was initially a scheme to bar vocal opposition candidates from re-contesting their seats after they were nullified by the courts of law.

Mumba who is on a campaign trail made his views on a tour of Mkushi where he is strengthening party structures as part of his new hope crusade.

“Our constitution does not allow for an area to not have an MP for more than 90 days. It says the people should be able to choose a representative,” he said.

“Our friends have made these areas go for a long time without MPs which is against the constitution. They cannot even call for fresh elections because they afraid of losing.”

He added: “The people of Mkushi South are suffering because they have no one to speak for them.”

Source : Zambia Reports

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