Cops Hunt for Wife ‘Killer’

POLICE in Lusaka have launched a hunt for a man who stabbed his pregnant wife to death and later bolted.

Police spokesperson Charity Munganga said police officers had been deployed and placed on high alert in the area to ensure that the culprit was arrested and faced the wrath of the Law.

She identified the deceased as Tamara, 39 while her husband as Christopher Tembo both of Chifwankula Village in Kabangwe, Katuba Constituency.

“This incident occurred on Saturday morning between 03:00 hours and 04:00 hours following a domestic dispute, she was seen by her neighbours who decided to report the matter to the police for further action,” she said.

The deceased’s relatives explained in an interview that this was not the first time their relative was being beaten and that the families had held several meetings to resolve differences and that her husband would have to account for her death.

And in Lusaka’s Chibolya’s area, a house wife Silvia Mukula aged 32 had been arrested for attempting to murder her husband, Elvis Chansa 36, in the early hours of yesterday after a domestic quarrel.

Ms Munganga said a mob dragged Ms Mukula to Chibolya police station when word went round that she had stabbed her husband to death in the early hours of yesterday.

She said when Mr Chansa’s relatives heard what had transpired, they rushed to his house and found him gasping and immediately rushed him to the same police station to prove that he was not dead but sustained several injuries.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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