Constitution Still Useful

SO Much has been said recently about the Republican Constitution, its formulation, drafting and implementation, which were all expected to be done within 90 days.

This Constitution that everyone is talking about today is the supreme law that governs the affairs of any given country, group or organisation and its people.

The Constitution basically depicts how people in a country or unrestricted set-up are expected to live amongst themselves in accordance with the religious, cultural and biblical norms of society.

Zambia has had a functional Constitution since Independence in 1964, though there have been minor amendments made to the document over the years.

The current Zambian Constitution is the statute that has governed the country through its ascendancy to become a global icon for national peace and harmony.

It is the Constitution that has also seen the country usher in five Republican Presidents over the last five decades.

Clearly, this is a document that supports democratic growth as attested to by some sections of the international community.

Zambia has successfully upheld democracy for 50 years under the Constitution, it also includes the clause that reaffirms the country’s stance as a Christian nation.

The recent debate surrounding the Constitution has come at a time when Zambia is preparing to commemorate her Independence golden jubilee.

Unfortunately so, not every voice calling for the new Constitution actually seems to be acquainted with what exactly they are talking about.

From what the opposition political parties are saying about the Constitution, it is clear that they are merely out to put pressure on Government.

Other Non-Governmental Organisations have also taken to the stage, admonishing Government, as to why Zambia does not have a new Constitution by now.

These actions are becoming a recipe for anarchy because the laymen are being misled into believing that having a new Constitution is all in a day’s work.

The ordinary Zambian is being misled into thinking that the current Constitution is bleak.

Totally overhauling the current Constitution now will be costly because the process requires a lot of input in-terms of time, finances and other resources.

Government did promise that the country would have a new Constitution within 90 days of their ascendancy to power after the 2011 general elections and should be held accountable.

However, any person familiar with the complexity of drafting and implementing a new Constitution knows all too well that this cannot be done within a period of 90 days, it is a gradual process.

In the interim, all sections of society must find one voice on the matter so that an amicable solution is found progressively to benefit the ordinary Zambian out there.

There must be participation from everyone concerned to forester a way forward because finger-pointing will not take the populace anywhere or later on produce a new Constitution.

The call by Vice President Guy Scott for the Law Association of Zambia to forester national consensus on the Constitution is thus welcome.

The sentiments by Dr Scott confirm that Government is interested to formulate a Constitution that will be people driven.

We are all therefore challenged to play an exemplary role in compiling submissions that will be relevant to this debate on the Constitution for the sake of peace and national unity.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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