Constitution Making Process Has Lost Direction

Youth Vision Zambia says the constitution making process has lost direction given that any minister in the Patriotic Front government can make statements.

Organization chairperson Amos Mwale said it was very clear that no one was steering the process calling on President Michael Sata to step in and show direction.

Mwale said the varying conflicting statements made by ministers showed that the process had now been trivialized by the PF government.

“It is very clear that the constitution making process has lost direction under the PF as can be seen from the free for all comments coming from different ministers,” Mwale said.

“Some ministers are telling Non Governmental organizations to fund the process while others are talking taking the document back to the people with others talking about it not being important. It is very clear that the process has been trivialized.”

The constitution making process has stalled since November last year with government refusing to facilitate handover of the document to the people and the President simultaneously.

Source : Zambia Reports

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