Constitution Is Irrelevant, Says Guy Scott

Vice President Guy Scott says the constitution is not relevant for the development of the country. Scott, who has added yet another PF view on the constitution, bragged that he stopped the last attempt at passing a new constitution under the MMD by manipulating parliamentary numbers.

“This controversy surrounding the constitution is not relevant to us when we make any progress. The only progress we will make is if we are unanimous,” he said.

“I was the one who blocked the last attempt to pass the constitution under the MMD government because with a small group of people from PF in the opposition we were able to undermine the two thirds majority that they needed to go forward.”

He acknowledged that the PF’s relationship with the Law Association of Zambia was frosty.

“You cannot bring anything good in this world whether it is the city of Livingstone or whether it is the Law Association of Zambia’s relationship with the PF,” Scott said.

“When it comes to the most important parts you don’t have consensus, you must have consensus and know when to shout and when to go forward.

“On the sidelines of this event I hope I will be able to make some progress and some understanding between us, local government and the Law Association of Zambia.”

Scott was speaking when he officiated at the LAZ AGM in Livingstone.

Source : Zambia Reports

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