Constitution Aocates Are Just Yapping, Says Sata

President Michael Sata says those who are talking about the constitution should continue yapping and should not be minded.

Speaking when he swore in Jean Kapata as Tourism Minister and a Captain Selemani Mpandula as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Nigeria President Sata once against poured scorn on the constitution making process saying its aocates must continue yapping and he will not mind them.

The Head of State, who has taken to making policy direction during swearing in ceremonies that usually attract low level government officials instead of holding a state of the nation address, reiterated his position the current constitution is adequate.

“There is so much noise about the constitution. If there was no constitution, what were we doing here? If there was no constitution how could those girls be dressed the way they are, daughters of the redeemer?” he said.

“Where you go mind your business let them YAP about the constitution because in Zambia we always want anything new. But at the moment we have a functional constitution and that is what we are here for.”

President Sata swept to power partly because of the promise of a new constitution within 90 days of assuming but has spectacularly fallen back on his word taking to poking fun at the widely demanded for process.

Source : Zambia Reports

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