Confusion Mars Kabimba’s Trip to Chipata

SCORES of Patriotic Front (PF) members on Tuesday night verbally abused the party’s Eastern Province chairperson Lameck Mangani and threatened to beat him for allegedly being treacherous and working against President Sata.

And PF secretary-general Wynter Kabimba has warned that undisciplined cadres in the party could bring down a government.

The members, who brought business to a standstill for about 30 minutes at Chipata’s Protea Hotel chanted slogans and denounced Mangani.

“Why are you today following Wynter Kabimba when you were among those calling for his removal? Go, we don’t want you. This party belongs to [President] Sata,” shouted one elderly woman.

The cadres also accused Mangani of sidelining founders and party structures in preference for former members of the MMD, the former ruling party he once belonged to.

The PF’s security detail led by Judge Ngoma had a tough time controlling the cadres, who were determined to beat up Mr Mangani.

The cadres broke a cordon that was set up to prevent them from getting to where Mr Mangani was but some cadres stood up in defence of the provincial leader.

Punches and insults were traded before the situation was controlled by the party’s security team.

Mangani’s youths, who were donned in berets, were outnumbered and retreated to safety.

Efforts by Mr Kabimba to calm down the situation failed until Mr Mangani was whisked away by the party’s security team.

Kabimba told the slogan chanting members that he would meet them today (Thursday) to discuss the matter but they kept passing running commentaries against Mr Mangani.

“Ayende Mangani ! (Mr Mangani must go) ! We don’t want him,” they shouted.

Kabimba is today expected to address PF members.

No injuries were recorded in the punch up.

And Kabimba said PF cadres must exhibit the highest levels of discipline to inspire the confidence of citizens.

Kabimba, who is also Minister of Justice, was speaking when he met PF officials and supporters at the Katete District Council chamber on Tuesday

“Be exemplary as members of the ruling party. Don’t engage in criminality using the name of the party because we are watching and will judge you harshly in 2016,” he said.

Kabimba said President Sata, whom he described as a very humble man, does not tolerate indiscipline in the party because allowing that would be reducing the prospects of the PF winning the 2016 elections.

He said that in 1991 Zambians kicked UNIP out of power because of the violence that was being exhibited and did a similar thing in 2011 when the MMD embraced violence.

Kabimba said some new members have been the ones fermenting indiscipline and confusion in the party.

“Indiscipline, especially in Lusaka is creeping in. But this party will not allow it. That is why President Sata expelled Julius Komaki and his friend for gross indiscipline,” Mr Kabimba said.

“The youths who were calling for my resignation were steeped in criminality and realised that I am not corrupt or lazy so they started bringing confusion in the party so that they can grab people’s plots and extort money from citizens in the name of the party,” he said.

Speaking earlier in Sinda, Mr Kabimba aised MMD president Nevers Mumba to go back to his pastoral work because he has allegedly failed to run the MMD.

“God gave Nevers Mumba a gift of preaching the word of God but he defied that and started politics. Each one of us has our gifts,” Mr Kabimba said.

Meanwhile, PF national youth chairperson Chishimba Kambwili has warned party members in North-Western Province to desist from paying allegiance to individuals other than the President and the party itself.

Kambwili said he is disappointed by divisions in the party and the way members are working in the region.

He warned party members with hidden motives of destroying the party to stop or face disciplinary action.

Kambwili said this on Tuesday when he addressed party cadres at Solwezi Lodge.

Source : Zambia Reports

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