Community Radio Reject PF Propaganda Using ZNBC

The Zambia Community Media Forum (ZACOMEF) has rejected the suggestion by government that community radio stations should tap relay Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation news.

ZACOMEF chairman Nyambe Muyumbana says his organization believes community radio stations are created to inform, educate and entertain the communities of their localities with broadcast of issues affecting them and close to their hearts.

Muyumbana said that ZNBC as a public media which is funded by tax payers should flat out on its huge financial muscle to extend its signal coverage to the flung areas where it endeavors to have presence.

He challenged government to disclose community radio stations requesting it to relay ZNBC news.

Recently, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Bert Mushala said that government allowed community radio stations countrywide to tap and relay Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) network news bulletins.

“Arising from these requests, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services in conjunction with ZNBC will from April 1, 2014 allow all interested community radio stations to tap or relay the ZNBC radio network news bulletins onto their radio stations.

“Radio stations interested in this initiative should contact the ZNBC management for contractual obligations that involve the signing of a memorandum of understanding. “For further information or clarifications, contact the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services office of the permanent secretary,” Mr Mushala said.

President Michael Sata had the Patriotic Front government intends to infiltrate the rural population with propaganda channelled through ZNBC to community radio station which are trusted by locals.

Source : Zambia Reports

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