Civil Servants Want MPs After Pay Rise to Quit

Civil Servants and Allied Workers’ Union are urging MPs who want a pay rise to resign and pave way for more selfless representatives.

CSAZ General Secretary Joy Beene said it was very disappointing that Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba supports an increment while civil servants had been slapped with a two year wage freeze.

Beene said there no way there could be money for increasing MPs salaries and no money for civil servants who were poorly paid.

“We are really disappointed for honourable Wynter Kabimba, the Secretary General of PF, honestly to justify that pay rise demanded by the Members of Parliament,” said Beene.

“It is the same pot, where as civil servants we draw from, if government is telling us that this pot is dry for civil servants to have in increment why should it be that the same pot which is dry, with them it is not dry? You can see that its politics of poverty.”

Government has imposed a two year wage and recruitment freeze on the civil service while parliament has recently been pushing for an increase in their pay and allowances.

Source : Zambia Reports

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