Chief Chipepo Urges Politicians to Reconcile

CHIEF Chipepo of Gwembe in Southern Province has called for reconciliation among the political leaders.

The traditional leader said there was a lot of hate speech in the country among political leaders which had also spread to members of the public.

Chief Chipepo said in an interview yesterday in Lusaka that it was not right for people to disrespect authority as every authority in the nation was ordained by God for a particular time. He said it was not right for the people to insult the Head of State and leaders in Government because they had been mandated by God and the people to be in those positions. The traditional leader said Zambia as a Christian nation should have its citizens live in harmony and be able to tolerate divergent views.

He said the continued hurling of insults towards the national leadership was detrimental to development as it was being done at the expense of offering checks and balances to the party in Government. Chief Chipepo said the opposition leaders insulting the leadership were doing it at the expense of offering checks and balance which could offer solutions to Government.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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