Chibombo Gets K1.8 Million for Agro Projects

CHIBOMBO District in Central Province has been given K1,850,000 for Agriculture infrastructure development in the 2014 budget.

District Commissioner Felix Mang’wato disclosed that the district is also in the process of acquiring land for an Agro processing unit.

Mr Mang’wato said K880,000 will be used for construction and rehabilitation of deep tanks while K100,000 would be for construction of camp houses.

He added that K770,000 would be used for construction of breeding centres in the district and K100,000 will be for construction of

livestock service centres.

Mr Mang’wato said Government was holding talks with traditional leaders in the district for land to be availed for the construction of an Agro processing unit.

He said the area produced a lot of agricultural products and an agro processing unit would be ideal.

‘As a district we produce a lot of farm products among them tomatoes, cabbages, pumpkins, butternuts, water melons that could be processed

and more value would be added to them before they are sold.

Mr Mang’wato said the local farmers would benefit from the processing unit, as their products would have more value.

He said the agro processing unit would be located near John Chinena market so that the farmers in the area would benefit.

Mr Mang’wato said the people in the district were happy with the development, especially the farmers.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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