Chibombo Farmer Jailed for Killing Person Over Land

A FARMER of Chibombo, who shot dead a person over land, has been sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour. Roydon Siame, 37, was sentenced to five years, while his two brothers, walked to freedom after the court acquitted them due to lack of evidence.

The three brothers Roydon, Jasper and Kapufi Siame, all of Chibombo were appearing in court on a charge of murdering Boyd Chilwana on September 25, 2012. During the trial, the State called seven witnesses who testified how Roydon opened fire and shot the deceased. One witness testified how the three were chased from the village for insulting elders as well as threatening violence.

The trio is also reported to have refused to appear before a village headman as well as Chief Liteta after they were summoned over their behaviour. At the closure of the case, the three were found with a case to answer and put on their defence. In defence, Jasper and Kapufi denied killing Mr Chilwani while Roydon said he did not intend to shoot him dead but fired in the air and accidently killed him.

The court acquitted Jasper and Kapufi for lack of incriminating evidence but found Roydon guilty. In making her ruling, Ms Justice Elita Mwikisa said it was sad that Roydon used such brutal force which resulted into loss of life. She said violence was not an answer to resolving disputes but it was clear that Roydon was an unruly person who was ready to take the law into his hands.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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