Chellah Forces Chibamba Out of ZNBC for World Bank

President Michael Sata’s press aide George Chellah has forced ZNBC Director General Chibamba Kanyama to leave the corporation for a World Bank job.

Kanyamanbsp has been a target of abuse from Patriotic Front officials for trying to make the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation appear professional in their coverage of events.

The ruling party has been pushing Kanyama to stop covering opposition political parties and completely black them out to give PF dominant presence on the public broadcaster.

There have been moments that Kanyama has given considerable airtime to opposition figures that have attacked the PF but this has not gone down well with the PF.

Apparently Chellah has been sending insulting text messages to Kanyama degrading the man by far academically accomplished than the former Post Newspaper reporter because he feels more senior in ranking.

“Chibamba has told close friends he can’t withstand attacks from Chellah anymore,” the source said.

As a result, Kanyamba has not hesitated to accept a three-year contract offered by the World Band because the texts from Chellah are confirmation he will be out of ZNBC soon as it’s only a matter of time.

“Chellah has openly told him ‘you will soon be flushed out for not blacking out opposition’. So what do you expect him to do? Stay until he is flushed out? No, he can’t wait and allow them to humiliate him,” the source explained.

Kanyama has said he feels insulted by Chellah and has kept the text messages for future reference.

The sources say Chellah and the PF leadership have accused Kanyamna of being an opposition United Party for National Development, UPND, sympathiser particularly because of his tribe – Tonga.

Recently, Kanyama was forced by State House to stop the live broadcast of parliamentary committee on public accounts as it had exposed glaring financial irregularities in the ruling party.

Source : Zambia Reports

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